About Kingdom Connectors

About Kingdom Connectors

Kingdom Connectors builds healthy communities by connecting people to the hope of Jesus.

Kingdom Connectors is a non-profit organization partnering with Paroussia Seminary students and pastors to propel them in their call to ministry through pastoral leadership training. We partner with indigenous Yucatecan people in their call to reach their own cultures for Christ. Our mission is to equip passionate Christian leaders to share the Gospel throughout the Yucatán by meeting spiritual and tangible needs.

About Our Founders

Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes, founder of Kingdom Connectors, is an area manager of a Fortune 500 building supply company and has 20 years of experience in his field. Chris recently received his bachelor's degree in Cross-Cultural Ministry from The King's University. His local mission is to connect with others in the home building industry to strengthen their relationship with Christ and equip them to disciple others, leading to the establishment of Builders Outreach ministry. In support of this mission, Chris created the "Missionary From The Desk" series to help other business executives find their God-given purpose and make a lasting difference in the world.

Chris and Elisha

Chris and Elisha Holmes have had a passion for the people in Yucatán, Mexico since their first mission trip to this region in 2009. During this experience, Chris received a revelation from God to use his gifts and resources to bless others as he has been blessed. The couple established Kingdom Connectors together in 2014 with the vision to reach every lost village in the Yucatán for Christ. The Holmes live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are members of Oaks Church. Chris and Elisha have been married for over 20 years and are the parents of four children: Jake, Reagan, Haley, and Will. They are grandparents of one granddaughter, Ren.

Since being a part of seminary, God has changed my life and made me passionate for the lost. I know that I am supposed to be a part of what God is doing in the Yucatán. I am appreciative of Kingdom Connectors for providing the resources for pastors to go and spread the Gospel.
Pastor Daniel Pacho Tec – Church Planter in Pakchen, Yucatán

How We Do It

Train Leaders

Kingdom Connectors partners with Tomás Nieto, founder of Paroussia Seminary, to train students to become church planters. Pastor Tomás oversees our outreach in the Yucatán. Pastor Tomás’ passion to train others to be effective leaders in ministry led him to establish Paroussia Seminary in 2006. Since our partnership with the seminary, Kingdom Connectors has trained 154 students to become ministry leaders over the last 12 years. The seminary exists to equip effective leaders to answer God’s call to grow their leadership skills and become pastors. We take the seminary to the students, and provide teaching in 6 different cities across the Yucatán.

Send Pastors

We look for individuals with a vision for ministry or those who may be currently serving their community. Many of our pastors are graduates and current students of the Paroussia Seminary. Our pastors focus outwardly on their local communities and bring the Word of God to the lost. Kingdom Connectors has planted 20 churches in the last 4 years at the service of an approximate population of over 60,000 inhabitants in areas of ministry influence. Kingdom Connectors exists to help support pastors’ ministries through prayer, encouragement, and temporary financial support. We strategically plant church sites in areas without healthy evangelical churches that need to hear the Gospel. Each pastor reports with weekly attendance, baptisms, and salvations. Our goal is to see church leaders create fully-functioning, healthy ministries by the end of our two-year partnership.

Lead Teams

Kingdom Connectors provides short-term missionaries and groups with the opportunity to come alongside us as we serve the pastors of Yucatán, Mexico. There are over 20 churches throughout the Yucatán that would benefit from missionary partnership to reach their communities. We would like to bring as many people along with us to participate in what God is doing in the Yucatán through the ministry of our pastors and seminary students. A trip to the Yucatán may consist of encouraging the pastors in their ministries by helping with outreach in their cities, constructing a new church, evangelizing, giving testimonies, or presenting children’s programs. If you or your group have a passion to reach the lost and a desire to serve His people through missions, the Yucatán is the perfect place for you. We would love to have you join our Kingdom Connectors family in collaborative effort to see people across the Yucatán come into relationship with Christ.

Being a part of seminary allowed me to study theology and earn my ministerial diploma. Now I am able to follow God’s purpose for my life as a pastor. Kingdom Connectors has been an incredible spiritual and financial support to spread the Gospel in the most remote communities.
Pastor Aristeo Canul Rocha – Church Planter in Pencuyut, Yucatán